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PartnerNet Group

Public Group | Founded: 03 Jun 2009 | Serving 29322 members

Partners with a PartnerNet account are automatically associated to the PartnerNet Group. You can post content publicly (default) or privately “for partners only” in any of the Symantec Connect communities by selecting the PartnerNet Group when submitting content.

Watch this short video and learn why you would want to join the PartnerNet Group:  Partner Connect, A Great Resource!

Group Activity

New video 17 Aug 2019
Advanced Reporting and Analytics for Symantec Endpoint Protection Unrivaled visualization of any dataset in the SEP database In-depth analysis and reporting with customizable dashboards and limitless drill-downs System Health Check: overall ...
New discussion 12 Aug 2019
Hi, Anyone can help me if Symantec network detection server supports high avaibilty for network prevention for Web. If yes, use documentation will be helpful.  
New discussion 05 Aug 2019
Hello, I checked few articles on this topic but still have some questions. We are going to integrate Content Analysis with the SEPM. Here are my questions: 1. Is it mandatory the SEPM to be enrolled to the cloud or it can stay ...